Table Browser

How to use the table browser in the D365O web interface.

This neat tip can be found in a few other blogs, but I’ve found it so useful that I want to increase its visibility… and put it together with some other useful info in one place.

Although there isn’t a direct method to get to it through the UI, you can open the “table browser” (which you might recognize from inside Visual Studio) to look at the contents of one of the back end database tables. You’ve got to take your URL and change the part after the slash like so:


Obviously, you need to fill in the appropriate <host>, <tn>, and <company>; for example:

…will produce, on your dev VM, the table browser for table CompanyInfo and the DAT company:

Table Browser

If you see this tip elsewhere, you will sometimes see a few other URL parameters in there; lng=<language>limitednav=true (hides parts of the UI like the navigation pane and filters), and prt=<partition> (deprecated partition functionality) are commonly added. I don’t think you are likely to need them, but you can look at other blog posts explaining what those (and other) optional parameters do.

2 thoughts on “Table Browser”

  1. Great run through of this hidden gem, but I disagree with you that you do not need other parameter. I believe that the URL parameters does solve some very common challenges that you might face.
    Like opening a form on a common terminal with limited navigation options and different colors based on what company you would need to work in.
    Working on tablet and desktop without having to adjust the grid size in your user parameters every time you switch.
    Doing/getting support in another UI language without changing language in your user parameters.
    Thanks for the link.


    1. Thank you for your insight! You make a good point; just because *I* have not had a good reason to use the optional parameters, it does not mean other people might not. Now I think it’s even more useful to explain the table browser and optional parameters together, to make it more useful.


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